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Ain't A Hero

Ain't A Hero is a Science Fantasy, Slice of (Odd) Life set in the post post-cataclysm future where magic kicked down the door and flipped the tables on a near transhumanist world. It's a 1000 years into the future where magic, tech, and strange history serve as a backdrop to the familiar modern life that has adapted to this new world.

Spawned from a joke response to a r/WritingPrompts post on Reddit, it's next incarnation found a home on Reddit's r/HFY. The ongoing serialzied fiction has grown into it's own and the episodes are housed here as well as

The story orbits around Bach. He is a down and out adventuring college dropout trying to get by. He watches the latest news report about his "chosen one" brother getting defeated by the Dark Lord Noxian. He can't believe how ridiculous it is, and his brother agrees. The ghostly visage of his brother sitting right next to him on the couch... agrees. Soon, Bach is figuratively AND literally dragged by into the adventuring life by his brother's adventuring party that shows up on his doorstep. The serialized fiction follows the lives of different people in this strange yet familiar world, and how they change given the ordinary and extraordinary situations they find themselves in.

The story is complete, but revisions are happening with the second edition. Revised episodes are being released upon a per season basis when time permits.