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Tip Jar

This page is here due to some requests by people to have a means for them to give me money for the work I've done.

I'll be the first to admit, this is a weird concept to me. Not because I don't understand the desire to reward someone for their efforts. But, it is due to past experiences with trying to monetize my create efforts. In the simplest terms, it never really panned out and the projects just ultimately failed to go anywhere.

So, I do what I do and have done as a matter of a hobby. Since, I'm fully convinced there's no way this is going to turn into anything resembling a proper source of income. And, that's fine. I kind of prefer it that way. A whole lot of pressure that I don't have to experience. I've watched many people turn their hobbies into their sole form of income and I've got very mixed feelings about it all.

But... If we you feel the need to present me with funds for my efforts, I guess I should have some avenue to accept them. So, I'll present this PayPal link to accept payments.

Before you pay me, here the disclaimer...


  • The recipient is NOT a non-profit of any shape or form. Hence for tax, legal, and ethical reasons, these are NOT donations.
  • This for all practical purposes is a "Tip Jar". Funds given through this method are not bound to any kind of sale or transaction for a service or good, explicit or implied.
  • All funds given through this method are purely optional and voluntary. There is NO expection to receive or be given them by the recipient. Payment is NOT required to experience material on this site.
  • Funds should NOT be given under any expectation for future works or efforts. You must be satisified with what has been made available with NO expectations for anything more.

Apologies, but I want to make my position clear on payments of any kind. I appreciate the thought, but don't send money for any other reason than a "Thank You" for what has been done and already exists. That way everyone is happier and things are a lot less messier.

In other words, if the collective efforts and material on this site has given you hours of entertainment and you want to drop off something in the "Tip Jar" for the goods and services you have already received and experienced... Awesome. Thank you. Otherwise, DON'T. It's cool. Enjoy the stuff for free and keep your money for other things. I don't need it, I've got a decent job.

So finally, here's the link: PayPal.Me/Lakstoties